China's human-machine interface market will reach 4.133 billion yuan in 2022

2020-11-23 09:45:49 信息员 中自网

      The human-machine interface is a terminal device for interaction between humans and machines. It is an indispensable functional unit of an industrial automation control system. It mainly includes text displays, touch screens and tablet computers. The man-machine interface consists of two parts: hardware and software, of which software development is the core.

  The human-computer interaction of the early industrial automation control system mainly relied on a large number of switch buttons and secondary instruments, and the operator needed to monitor and operate in a larger range. Beginning in the 1980s, with the gradual popularization of computer application technology, in order to facilitate the operating personnel to control the operation of machinery and equipment, record and analyze process parameters, as well as timely understand the specific operation of the equipment, strengthen the production information and equipment information Comprehensive and intuitive monitoring, man-machine interface came into being. Computer-based man-machine interface began to replace the traditional control panel, and was gradually applied to various industrial sites. Since the late 1990s, with the development of embedded computer technology, human-machine interfaces based on embedded technology have gradually replaced traditional industrial computers as the main configuration of machine equipment.

    In recent years, my country’s economy has developed rapidly, and many areas of the manufacturing industry have become global factories. The fast-growing demand for industrial control products and good investment income have attracted many internationally renowned industrial automation control product manufacturers to invest in my country and establish wholly-owned or joint ventures. enterprise. At present, well-known man-machine interface manufacturers in Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan rely on their advantages in brands and overall solutions to occupy a large market share in my country's man-machine interface market.

    my country's independent research and development of human-machine interface began after 2000. Through nearly two decades of development, major manufacturers have made great progress in product performance, function, and stability. my country's human-machine interface manufacturers have shown good development overall With the momentum, domestic human-machine interface manufacturers such as Boke Automation and Xinjie Electric have occupied a certain market share in the domestic human-machine interface market.