Six ministries and commissions: implement the robot and intelligent equipment promotion plan

2020-11-05 16:41:32 治理员 中自网

     According to the Securities Times e Company, six ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on Supporting Private Enterprises in Accelerating Reform, Development, and Transformation and Upgrade." The "Opinions" mentioned the implementation of a robot and intelligent equipment promotion plan. Expand the application of robots and intelligent equipment in medical treatment, helping the elderly and the disabled, rehabilitation, distribution, and civil explosions, hazardous chemicals, coal mines, non-coal mines, and fire fighting. Accelerate the implementation of the "machine substitution, automation reduction" action in high-risk industries, accelerate the promotion and application of automation and intelligent equipment, and upgrade equipment of high-risk enterprises. Strengthen support for the promotion and application of innovative emergency technology and equipment for private enterprises, and carry out tests of unmanned intelligent equipment such as drones and robots in various emergency rescue scenarios.

  According to relevant studies, manufacturing upgrades are the only way to achieve Chinese manufacturing. The foundation of manufacturing upgrades lies in the popularization of automation. The basic link of automation is the increase in robot penetration. Therefore, machine substitution is unstoppable in the manufacturing process. Against the background of accelerated population aging and rising labor costs, technological progress and breakthroughs in localization have pushed robot prices down steadily and steadily, and the cost-effective advantage of machine substitution has become increasingly prominent.