Directly on the scene of CIIF, digitalization set off a new wave of industrial automation

2020-09-19 09:53:44 信息员 中自网

On September 15, the 22nd China International Industry Fair kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Intelligent and Interconnected-Empowering the New Development of the Industry", the exhibition focused on industrial automation, robots, machine tools, Technical achievements and industry solutions in the fields of energy technology and equipment, new materials, aviation technology, and new generation information technology.

In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, the manufacturing industry is facing various harsh challenges. At the same time, new opportunities have emerged. For example, the demand for medical material production equipment has increased sharply, which has enabled the entire industry to maintain a high degree of activity, especially Products such as inverters and servos are widely used in production machines such as masks and spray cloths.

  The core products of industrial automation include controllers, inverters, servos, etc. These products combine with digital software to further improve the operating efficiency and energy saving of motors and machinery and equipment. At this exhibition, well-known manufacturers in the industry including Siemens, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, ABB, Yaskawa, Delta and other industries exhibited heavily, bringing various intelligent controllers, high-performance inverter transmission products and automation industry solutions Program.

In recent years, the industrial Internet has rapidly risen and changed the operation mode of factory equipment. Industrial control and inverter product solutions have also begun to transform to digital. Based on advanced Internet of Things and big data technology, online monitoring, predictive maintenance and other effects have been realized. The high level of capability of the new generation of automation systems. So, what new technologies and new solutions have major automation manufacturers brought at this exhibition?

  Digital transmission chain

In the new round of technological revolution, intelligence has become a "compulsory course" in various industries, and intelligent manufacturing, which integrates the new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, has become a major trend in the development of the manufacturing industry. For this reason, ABB continues to increase its layout. The application of infrastructure and new intelligent manufacturing technology hopes to use digital technology to help customers improve their competitiveness.

  In this exhibition, ABB brought a series of motion control products and solutions such as servo motors, inverters, digital transmission chains and remote monitoring. Among them, ABB Ability has carried out a comprehensive intelligent monitoring of components such as motors, inverters, pumps, bearings, etc. The equipment has obtained predictable, safe and efficient operation effects, and further improved the life of production equipment.

ABB combines transmission technology with digitization, so that the performance of automation products has been comprehensively improved. The digital products exhibited by ABB this time also include a smart wireless device with cloud connection function-a cloud connection assistant control panel, and a Drivetune 4.0 mobile phone app that can quickly obtain remote assistance from experts. These digital products are well empowered. ABB's existing smart inverters, servo drives and servo motors. In addition, ABB also brought a series of industrial automation solutions such as industrial robots and B&R's ACOPOStrak man-machine collaboration system.

  Reshape the future of industry

  Traditional automation can no longer meet the increasingly complex production needs. In the future, factories will need more intelligent technology support, such as AI-based predictive maintenance, to allow machinery and equipment to exert higher efficiency. As a leader in industrial digitization, Siemens is integrating digital technology into equipment in various industries, and conducts efficient management from design, research and development to actual production, thereby further shortening the time to market.

At this exhibition, Siemens brought digital solutions from discrete industries to process industries and hybrid industries, including virtual battery production lines, the digitization of Huaxing Glass, the intelligent case of Luzhou Laojiao, and solutions for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and steel. These cases fully explain the important value meaning of digitalization. The Siemens digital enterprise platform takes digital twin technology as the core and incorporates advanced cutting-edge technologies. It has now brought comprehensive improvements in efficiency and production capacity to many users such as China Resources Cement, BAIC New Energy, and CIMC Dicastal.

The cutting-edge technology exhibition area is also a highlight of the Siemens booth, including industrial 5G connection technology, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and industrial edge computing. Among them, the combination of Siemens industrial edge computing and artificial intelligence brings cloud advantages into the factory floor, achieving quality prediction, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and making the production line more efficient and agile. In the future, artificial intelligence, industrial cloud, edge computing, industrial 5G, and additive manufacturing will reshape the future of industry.

Improve industrial resilience

Under the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the resilience of industrial enterprises will bear great consideration. As an expert in energy efficiency, Schneider Electric will bring industry-oriented energy management and life cycle services with the theme of "Green and Intelligent Manufacturing, Winning a Digital Future" Solutions to achieve the results of automation, informatization, digitization, networking and greening.

Schneider Electric’s booth included EcoStruxure™ process control experts, a new synchronous motion control solution Modicon M262+Lexium 28S, a new generation of pre-intelligence low-voltage complete equipment BlokSeT, Okken, PrismaSeT, T Expert Fengyunhui digital platform, capsule data center, etc. , And AVEVA digital twins and other products are fully unveiled.

  Smart Manufacturing Era

  Intelligent manufacturing is the theme of the times, and future production lines will incorporate more intelligent technologies. As a leading manufacturer in the global automation field, Mitsubishi Electric has built the framework of an intelligent factory through the eF ctory intelligent manufacturing solution, combined with its excellent PLC, inverter, servo, CNC, low-voltage electrical appliances, industrial robots and other products to actively promote intelligence Manufacturing process.

  At the booth of Mitsubishi Electric, you can see the leading industrial network technology CC-Link IE TSN, real-time network-based security function solutions, factory intelligent support systems, and equipment operation monitoring solutions. As the highlight of Mitsubishi Electric’s exhibition, the eF ctory intelligent manufacturing solution attracted the attention of many audiences. The solution demonstrated powerful capabilities through various intelligent manufacturing technology tools, including edge computing MELIPC, SMART intelligent platform, and vibration diagnosis applications. , NC tool life detection and other functions.

  Mechanical and electrical integration creates high added value

  Inverters, servos, etc., as the core products of industrial transmission, have achieved a higher level of operation with the combination of digital technology while improving performance. As a leader in the field of drive control, Yaskawa Electric has introduced the i³-Mechatronics (i-cube-mechatronics) concept, which creates higher added value for equipment operation through the integration, intelligence and innovation of production site data.

  Connected Life Intelligence Empowers New Infrastructure

  New infrastructure is the focus of 2020. As an important strategy for economic recovery after the epidemic, its subdivisions include industrial Internet, 5G, artificial intelligence, charging piles, etc. These fields will welcome a new wave of development. From the perspective of industry trends, automation, digitalization, and intelligence are the main trends. At the exhibition, Delta demonstrated its strong capabilities in new infrastructure in terms of smart factories, smart buildings, and infrastructure.

In terms of smart manufacturing, Delta has brought an overall SMS solution that runs through the digital management of the entire plant, including robotic machine loading and unloading workstations, servo presses, intelligent aluminum profile processing, all-electric hollow blow molding machines, automated logistics sorting, etc. .

As the largest exhibition in China's industrial field, CIIF brings together leading brand manufacturers in the global industry and exudes the powerful charm of industrial technology application in various industries. In the automation exhibition hall, well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers compete on the same stage, from industrial control to variable frequency transmission, to digital and intelligent solutions, providing a powerful boost to the accelerated development of the industrial economy.

At this year's exhibition, the trend of digitalization and intelligence is very obvious. With the empowerment of 5G, Internet of Things and AI technology, major manufacturers have launched new automation solutions that combine digital technology, based on cloud computing, big data analysis and machines. Learning algorithms have further improved the efficiency of equipment operation and management, including the realization of predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and personalized customization. These new technical solutions will open up a broader market space for the industry.

From the perspective of application, China is moving from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”, with all high-end manufacturing projects being implemented, and constantly refreshing the global competitiveness ranking of China’s manufacturing industry, while the demand for automation is increasing, such as semiconductors. The industry will become an important market for automation manufacturers, and these fields will surely be carried out through intelligent manufacturing. In addition, the implementation of new infrastructure has spawned huge market demand, including rail transit, new energy vehicles, charging piles and other sub-sectors will also become the next battleground for automation manufacturers.