The global semiconductor market is expected to grow only 3.3% this year

2020-06-16 09:32:33 信息员 中自网

       According to the Nikkei Chinese website, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization (WSTS) announced on June 9 that the market size in 2020 will grow by 3.3% over the previous year to reach 425.9 billion US dollars. The forecast as of December 2019 is an increase of 5.9%, but it has been lowered due to the economic slowdown caused by the new crown epidemic.

   The downturn in the automotive market and the disruption of the supply chain have had a negative impact. On the other hand, due to the increase in home office, data center semiconductors, etc. support the demand and have limited impact.

   Nanchuan Ming of British survey company Informa plc analyzed the market environment and said, “There may be a temporary slowdown, but due to infrastructure investment and inventory holdings, there is no need to worry about a sharp decline.” It is believed that due to global fiscal stimulus, the "recovery is strong".

  The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization predicts in its newly released 2021 outlook that the market size will grow by 6.2% over 2020 to reach US$452.2 billion. The market growth originally expected to occur in 2020 was postponed to 2021 due to the impact of the new crown